Harley Big Twin, Flatheads, Sportster Oil Pump Relief Valve Ball Reseat Tool

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Availability: 1 in stock

Harley Big Twin, Flatheads, Sportster Oil Pump Relief Valve Ball Reseat Tool.

Fits Many models 1936-UP?? Oil pump relief valve ball reseat tool. This tool will facilitate ball burnishing of the relief valve seat on oil pumps. Check your parts book for correct fitment. Reproduction Parts.


There are two ends to the burnish tool. The longer side has a 15/32 x 24
threaded nut, and the shorter side has 1/2 x 20 threaded nut. The long
end is the deep pocket on the Flathead pumps. The shorter end is for
the other pockets on the flathead pumps and Overhead valve pumps,
Knucklehead, Panhead and others.
Clean the oil pump as well as possible, no debris, etc. in the seat. There
NO lapping or cutting compound needed.
With the threaded nut positioned somewhere in middle of the threaded rob, screw the nut into appropriate threads on the oil pump and seat
it flush with the oil pump body. Then turn the threaded rod into the oil
pump until the ball comes in the contact with the seat below.
Take a 1/2” open end wrench and turn the ball into the seat via middle
hex on the tool. Grunge the ball into the seat with LIGHT hand pressure,
then back it off and grunge it back into the seat several (4-5) times DO
NO USE EXCESSIVE FORCE as this could damage the seat or break the
oil pump!
Remove the tool and go to the next seat on your oil pump. Replace the
balls and springs with new ones for the best results.

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